Haul down the flag
pirate radio is DEAD

“Haul down the flag pirate radio is DEAD - The era of Radio Caroline and so called Free Radio is over, finished and done with.”
Wondering who said this? The answer: former Radio Caroline deejay Johnnie Walker. The Date: January 4th 1969 ! How wrong he was !!! Then came RNI, Atlantis, Mi Amigo etc…

“Let Caroline RIP – If listeners do want continuous music they can already get that from music centres (…) Independent Radio is now established in most parts of Britain, giving its audience a nicely balance format of music and information.” Wondering who said this? The answer: Roger Day, who'd worked on Caroline and Radio Northsea. The Date: September 1983 ! How wrong he was ! Caroline came back, quickly followed by the successful Laser 558.

Nowadays we can hear some very similar declarations. What was proven to be wrong yesterday could also be proven wrong in the future. According to the response we've had regarding our position on the future of offshore radio, there is still a very big interest in offshore radio. To most of us, offshore radio is more than just a jukebox playing tunes, it is a way of life.

As Kevin Turner pointed it out: “A radio station that was free of all the restrictions you get if you're "part of the system"." This you’ll never achieve on land, whatever you do. Of course we need to fight to recover that freedom. It won’t be easy. But it is a worthwhile cause. We aren’t alone. We invite you, once again to join us in our fight. Together we’ll overcome one day.